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In fact, our hearts could not be any more full this Christmas if we tried.  From our growing little family, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.  We have found such peace and joy in celebrating the most simple details this year and wish that for you as well.  After all, we already have everything we need (minus a transplant).  


We never really talked about having maternity photos taken, but I'm so thankful we did.  Dave organized everything with the photographer which meant there was zero planning to do on my part other than to make sure we had semi-coordinated outfits.  We kept things super simple (our go-to style) and enjoyed the sweet moments they brought.  I speak from experience that once your little arrives, things shift so quickly and having these pictures help take you back to those very precious moments together.


Ah, Gender Reveals.  I have come to the conclusion there are two kinds of people in this world... those who love gender reveals and those who find them a little a lot over the top.   We kind of fall in-between, but since the moment we found out we were pregnant it is something Dave really wanted to do.  I am not about all the attention... especially when you're already drawing enough to yourself with a growing belly, but because it was important to Dave I went along with the idea.


Pregnancy.  What an adventure!  Let me start by saying that we are extremely blessed.  After celebrating our five year wedding anniversary last October in Hawaii, we gave up control of the next chapter of our lives and we would have never dreamed that by the end of November we'd know we were expecting a baby.  Our pregnancy certainly had its own story.  One that was full of so many different emotions, doctor appointments and scenarios.  Our pregnancy wasn't exactly smooth sailing, but we got the perfect ending.


We've had some pretty unbelievable adventures together, but we're about to embark on our biggest adventure yet...  We're pregnant.  Let me just say that again... for my own sake, not necessarily for yours.  We're pregnant.  These first couple months were a whirlwind but after my first doctor's appointment, after hearing the sweetest sound of a heart beat I allowed myself to believe that we really are pregnant.  After listening and trying to find it for a few seconds (which seemed like hours), there it was!  Not just a heartbeat... but a healthy, lively heartbeat.


Last year we started a little tradition of taking Dave's Dad to experience a ball park that he's always wanted to see.  Our first visit was to Boston to check Fenway Park off the list.  Dave's sister and niece joined us in Boston, Dave caught a foul ball during the game at Fenway and the whole weekend was magical.  In case you missed out, you can read all about that trip HERE.