Day seven marked the beginning of our journey back home.  But, before that we still had some time to squeeze in as much as we could so we took full advantage of that.  I know these recaps went on and on, but I wanted to remember all of the sweet little details from this special trip of ours.  Sorry!

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On this day since it was our last day in Maui, not only did we wake up early to watch the sun rise like we had so many other mornings during our trip, but I convinced Dave to actually get up and go watch the sun rise on the beach with me.  It was the sweetest morning to celebrate the beautiful week we'd had in Maui together celebrating our fifth anniversary.

After enjoying an early morning on the beach we headed to Swan Court for our last buffet breakfast of the trip.  Then Dave spent some time with the actual swans hanging out near the restaurant.  I couldn't help but think how much I was going to miss fresh guava juice for breakfast.  It was so good!

We didn't fly out until six that evening so we had a chunk of the day to enjoy while still being prepared to depart later in the day.  We decided to lay around at the pool for awhile, but didn't want to get our suits wet with having no good way to dry them before packing them away. 

After spending most of the morning at the pool, we decided to go ahead and change for the day and then check our bags with the bellmen downstairs so we could officially check out of the resort.  We each had a separate outfit packed with our carry on luggage to access easily once we got to the airport so we could change into more comfortable travel clothes for the red eye flight back home.

The photos we had taken on our anniversary were a little north of our resort at Kapalua Beach.  We really didn't get to spend much time there and knowing we had to go back by our resort to get our luggage a little later made it the perfect place to go grab lunch.  We could have packed up and taken the luggage with us, but it was hot and we wanted to avoid having it in a parked car for a long period of time.

We lucked out and found a cute spot right on the beach.  Sea House Restaurant locatd in Napili Kai Beach Resort was the perfect spot for lunch.  We enjoyed having one more meal with access to the freshest seafood while literally staring right at the ocean.

After lunch we headed back south, made a pit stop at our resort to grab our bags and continued down to Lahaina.  We had a couple of hours to kill and figured we would walk around the town for a little while and check out another location of Ulullani's Hawaiian Shave Ice because it was that good.  We needed it again before leaving Hawaii.  See what we mean about it being a good thing we didn't try it on day one?

It was the perfect place to stop to walk around and stretch our legs before being stuck in an airplane seat all night.  We stumbled across a jewelry stand with all kinds of beautiful stones and unique materials.  One thing that I absolutely loved about Maui was the volcanic rock beaches.  They are my picture perfect beach.

I ended up finding a great little bracelet that I knew would remind me of this trip each time I wore it.  It's always nice to find little souvenirs on trips like this... something meaningful to the place, but also something that you would like anyways.  She altered it right there to make it the perfect size for my wrist.  Ah, I love it!

Before we knew it we were loading up in the Jeep to head to the airport.  We had to do a little adjusting to ensure everything fit into our check bags, changed into our travel clothes and were on our way.  It was crazy to think how quickly the week had flown by.

We grabbed a few local snacks to keep us full for the flight and then we were headed home after saying our goodbyes to the beautiful landscape.  The only great thing about leaving Maui are the continued views you get from the sky.  That sweet island was still giving us all the feels.

Most flights from Hawaii back to the US are red eye and ours was no exception.  We settled in and each watched a movie to pass some time.  Then we put on our comfy socks, took a restroom break, I took off my makeup and we tried to make ourselves go to sleep for a few hours.  Red eyes can be tricky (mostly with the time change), but we did the best we could.

We were back in Dallas by six o'clock the next morning and then had one more flight from there to Nashville.  We arrived back in Nashville just a little before nine and although we were happy to have had no travel issues flying home, we were exhausted.  We grabbed our luggage and a couple cups of coffee, waited on the shuttle back to the hotel to pick up our car and then made the last leg of the trip home.

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This trip to Maui was a dream for us.  We had waited, planned and saved for five years to make this Five Moon everything we wanted it to be and more.  We could not have had a better week in Hawaii.  Although we'd love to get back to Maui one day as it was truly the best of both worlds for us with adventure and city life, Kauai is next at the top of our list of Hawaiian islands we'd like to visit.  Mahalo!

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