September 13, 2019 marks TWO MONTHS for our sweet boy!

Two months! It's crazy... two months has gone by so fast.  Although, it also feels like forever ago since our stay at the hospital.  Time is a crazy, weird thing.

Talon has really grown over his second month.  He's weighing in at a solid nine pounds.  Growth is such a great thing for him but each time we celebrate ounces added, this Momma heart aches a bit too.  He is still hanging out in newborn size clothing, but we are close to moving on up.  Speaking of moving up, we are on our very last sleeve of newborn size diapers and don't have plans of purchasing more... so excuse me for a second while I gather myself.

MONTH TWO was really special because it was our first full month at home with Talon.  It's kind of crazy, but settling in at home and adjusting to life with a newborn has been surprisingly easy.  Aside from all of the crazy, worry and "extra" that our situation brings - he just sort of "fits" with us and our family.  He brings so many smiles to each day and fills our home with new laughter.  Talon is pure joy!

 He is showing us more and more of his sweet personality even though he is also getting a little more specific about what exactly he wants.  He is not sleeping through the night quite like he was (nine hours a night was starting to spoil us).  However, MONTH TWO has also brought more intentional nap time for Talon throughout the day and while he is doing well with it, his Dad is convinced he never actually naps longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Talon has discovered more things this past month.  He loves to be carried throughout the house to look at photos, artwork and decorations (so many pumpkins!).  His current favorites are a photo of Mom and Dad in Hawaii and the painting hung above the couch.  He loves all of the vibrant colors.  He still really enjoys being read to and checking out all of the illustrations.

He tried out his ergo baby carrier for the first time and even helped make homemade pasta for dinner one night strapped to Momma's chest.  We've got to give him credit for his patience while I've gotten used to getting him in and out of the weird contraption.  Initially, we were convinced he loved it but we're still leaving the verdict out to be fully decided on.

Talon was cleared to be submerged in water this month so he got to enjoy his first "official" bath.  We weren't sure what he would think, but he seems to actually really enjoy it.  Seriously, it cracks us up.  We might just have a future spa lover on our hands.  Hey, at least he gets it honest from us!

We're not sure who loves his play mat more... us or him.  He enjoys kicking around and reaching for things and we love watching him be interactive with the mat.  It has been really neat to watch his growth on the mat over just this month from laying and figuring it all out to essentially playing.

"It's Football Time in the Bluegrass" and Talon watched his very first University of Kentucky football game with us.  This was such a fun little afternoon for Dave especially.  What Dad doesn't look forward to the day they can watch football with their son?

Aunt Kate and cousin Carolyn visited Talon from Lexington.  We toasted in celebration of him being home and swat away flies from our cheese while we sat on the back patio and caught up. 

We are so fortunate that Talon's Grandma and Grandaddy (my parents) continue to come and help out for a couple of days most weeks.  It gives Dave and I the opportunity to get out of the house together (hello, date nights!) while also giving them really special time with Talon.  We certainly appreciate them coming for the extra hands, but it's even more meaningful to us they have this time with him.

Aside from discovering new things at home,
we've also gotten a little adventurous and made it out a few times...

Talon has gotten to enjoy more early morning walks around the block on the weekends.  We grab our coffee and load him in his Rolls-Royce stroller (my 29th birthday present!) as his Dad likes to call it.  We avoid anyone in sight and the smallest sounds of yard work, but hey - we're out of the house altogether and Hopsen says, "it's about time!"

Talon visited our local Botanical Garden (even though he essentially slept through the entire walk).  This little spot is a treasure for us.  Since I am on the board and volunteer to close to gate often, we can walk around during this time so that no one else is around.

Talon visited Niko's Bakery which is someplace his Dad and I have been waiting to take him.  It sounds silly, but it opened while we were pregnant and we have waited to go until we could walk there with him in the stroller one Saturday morning.  It wasn't exactly how we pictured it, but it also was at the same time.  It was the most simple morning, but really special for our little family.

And finally, Drum roll please... Talon had his first hotel stay (after checking with his immunologist, of course).  We headed to French Lick for an evening over Labor Day weekend.  Dave grew up going to French Lick and has so many memories with his parents there.  Needless to say, it was a really special little adventure for us and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to make memories here too.

We stayed the night at West Baden and enjoyed a beautiful evening walk in the garden and shared room service for dinner.  Talon seriously could not have tagged along any better for traveling.  He did SO good.  Even though it was certainly different from what we envisioned our first visit to be, we visited and that in itself is something to celebrate.  We've decided he's a fan of nice hotel rooms (with a view) and room service.  That's just fine with us, Buddy... we can't wait to show you the world!

Talon had a big month health wise.  He had his first round of several follow up appointments at Cincinnati Children's and for lack of a better word, he dominated the very long day.  We received outstanding feedback on Talon’s healing and progress from his cardiologist and won’t follow up again on his precious heart for two months.  We got to bid farewell to the endocrinology team and will only have to follow up on an as needed basis (peace out, folks!).  We also now have more knowledge on the game plan to closely monitor Talon’s overall health while we wait on the transplant and continue to check in monthly with his immunologist.

Throughout MONTH TWO, our mail box filled with sweet cards of encouraging words and we were brought dinner more nights than we can count.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by the most beautiful village of family and friends who have taken care of us along this journey.  We are forever grateful and appreciate every single thought and prayer that is sent our way.  Thank you for allowing us to continue to feel so loved and supported as we settle in at home and wait.

We could go on and on sharing about our sweet TWO MONTH old, but I'm off to soak in every single second with him (yes, even staring at him while he sleeps) as I head back to work next week.  That's right - we also hired 'Nana' over the past month who will help care for Talon at home along with Grandma and Grandaddy when I return to work.  I keep telling myself it's going to be a great thing for ALL of us... and I believe it will.

The days with Talon still seem short and I already find myself tearing up wishing I could buy more time with him... I told you, time is a crazy, weird thing.

Happy TWO MONTHS to our champ.  We can't wait to spend forever with you, buddy!

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