November 13, 2019 marks FOUR MONTHS for our sweet boy!

The past four months have brought a lot... but JOY is at the very top of the list. 

Talon has been growing like crazy and hasn't slowed down at all until recently.  He is currently weighing in just shy of 13 pounds.  He is rocking out 3 month clothes and we're finding 0-3 starting to fit a little snug.  He is still in size one diapers and I'm thinking we'll still hang out there for awhile. 

MONTH FOUR has us settling in pretty well with a baby at home and two full time working parents.  Ha!  Or so we like to think.  Life is busy, don't get me wrong but I'd venture to say we've got the hang of things... even with all the extra crazy.  We couldn't do it without our village, though.  They are awesome!

Talon's sleep situation is still steady.  We've been pretty lucky in that department... as well as many others!  Talon's personality is laid back, although he is making his wishes more known lately.  He does not appreciate the sun getting in his eyes and is starting to pick up on mom leaving the room... we had lots of one on one time when work and weather kept Daddy out of town for a week this past month.  For the most part Talon tolerates everything and after FOUR MONTHS in, we'd still say he is an easy baby. 

In addition to all the smiles, we added laughing this month.  Be still my heart.  There is nothing sweeter then his little laugh going back and forth with you.  He is getting more and more interactive by the day and carries on the cutest little conversations.  He is absolutely loving his ABC print above his changing pad and enjoys singing along in person or over FaceTime (special thanks to cousin Raegan!).  His wubbanubs (all of them) continue to be a favorite!  He is really enjoying all of the football watching this season.  He's already decided he is a Packers fan like mom and has quickly learned how disappointing Kentucky football can be. 

Along with his first official laugh this month, Talon also had his first thumb suck.  You know, with his precious little hand all curled up.  He has been putting his hands in his mouth a lot and we knew it would probably only be a matter of time before he figured it out.  Talon has discovered his knees and has the cutest little stance when he rests his hands on them.  He's getting more coordination with his feet and we know he'll be reaching for them soon.  His head control is getting better and he's made huge strides in the tummy time department this month.  Don't get me wrong, it's still not his favorite thing... but he's getting pretty good at it.  I know I'll probably feel this way for the rest of his life, but it just seems like he's grown up so much lately.  We're still a ways away from a head full, but we've definitely got more hair growth lately.

MONTH FOUR has been busy squeezing in all the fall things we can.  The weather has been perfect for lots of walks and enjoying mums on the back patio.  Talon got boo'ed with the cutest little goodies Halloween week and returned the favor to a sweet friend.  Speaking of Halloween, Talon dressed up for about 10 minutes in his lion costume.  Long enough to grab a few photos which almost all included tears.  We celebrated Dave's birthday -- his first as a Dad which made it all the more special.  After Halloween we wasted zero time and switched out all of our pumpkins for trees and twinkle lights.  We are ready for the magic the upcoming season brings and know it will be the best ever as first time parents.  In tune with our decor, this month also brought Talon's very first snow.  We're merely days in and already so much magic.

We had two hotel night stays this month in Cincinnati to make our list of appointments a little easier.  Like always, Talon was a total rockstar with all the travel and doctor visits.  We checked off lots of things at Children's this month including his second infusion, an echo, seeing his cardiologist (who we love) and a second swallow study.  Not to mention a quick check in with his pediatrician which involved yet another referral to Children's... thank goodness it's for cosmetic reasons this time around.  There aren't enough words to share how incredible he is and how well he handles all of these visits.  The kid is only FOUR MONTHS old and he has already taught us so much about life.  We already want to be more like him.

The list of appointments can be a bummer, but the hotel stays make them a little more fun for all of us.  Talon loved his stay at 21c getting to check out all of the art and our favorite thing at Hotel Covington is coffee in bed thanks to Dad!  Room service at both hotels is always impressive and the accommodations are solid.  Our stays might not be under ideal circumstances, but they sure are special time for our little family.

While we look forward to the days ahead of traveling exclusively for fun and feeling a bit more back to normal per se, we also wouldn't wish this time away for anything.  Each day with Talon is a blessing and every single one is special in its own way.  We are so incredibly lucky to be his Mom and Dad.

Happy FOUR MONTHS to our precious little boy with the most joyful smile.
We can't wait to spend forever laughing together, Talon!

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