Ah, Gender Reveals.  I have come to the conclusion there are two kinds of people in this world... those who love gender reveals and those who find them a little a lot over the top.   We kind of fall in-between, but since the moment we found out we were pregnant it is something Dave really wanted to do.  I am not about all the attention... especially when you're already drawing enough to yourself with a growing belly, but because it was important to Dave I went along with the idea.
 When we went for the twenty week ultrasound the gender of Baby Kirk was confirmed, but we also walked away with a referral to see a fetal and maternal specialist to get a better look at our baby's heart.  We already knew we'd be holding out for a few weeks to find out the gender, but we didn't know the confusion and heartache those few weeks would bring.  So much at times that we wondered whether or not to still have it. 

The results were sealed in an envelope and we gave them to a trusted friend to order the reveal confetti cannons Dave had picked out.  She took care of every single detail and it was so special knowing that she "knew" a little more about who Baby Kirk was.  We attended a wedding one of the weekends while waiting and she successfully avoided Dave and his questioning. 

We kept things simple and stuck to cupcakes, cookies and candies.  I threw together a few easy handmade decorations that ended up being therapeutic mindless tasks to create.  We topped everything off with some pink and blue cotton candy with a little bubbly and were ready for the celebration.

Our hearts were heavy this day.  When people asked if we wanted a boy or girl we had always responded with, "we just want a healthy baby" and those words never had more truth to them.  We were processing a lot and at the time and still hadn't shared a lot of the seriousness to our story because we were still waiting on so many answers ourselves.

We were fortunate to have so many of our family and close friends able to join us for the special day.  Even though it was the beginning of things being different than we imagined, it was still an incredibly beautiful day finding out that we were going to be parents to a precious baby BOY!

And, apparently big sister knew all along...
Baby BOY Kirk, all three of us can't wait to meet you!

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