January 13, 2020 marks SIX MONTHS for our sweet boy!

Six months of YOU, our sweet boy.  Six months of an incredible love like we've never known.  Six months of caring for you unlike we've cared for anything before (yes, even Hopsen).  Six months of knowing you need us.  Six months of a constant worry that leaves lumps in our throats, aches in our stomachs and tears in our eyes.  Six months of celebration for your life and everyday we've been given these last six months, but also for every little milestone you've hit along the way.  SIX MONTHS.

Talon is growing, growing, growing!  Recently, he is starting to look (and feel) more like a little boy instead of a little baby.  These moments are so great for us, but I also wish the baby phase would stick around just a little longer.  Whoever said babies don't keep was right.  They grow up much too fast.

Talon is rocking his 3-6 sleepers and 6 month outfits, although I'm afraid we're not far from 6-9.  When we pack up small sizes it's so bittersweet and it always includes a handful of precious outfits we've missed out on wearing (since we are partial to our sleepers with cuffed mittens).  Talon is still in in size two diapers and after sprinting towards them, he seems to be settling in for awhile.

We've continued to have lots of wonderful time together.  There are times that aren't so wonderful, but in those times we continue to trust... and enjoy Talon.  Despite everything he has to go through, he is pure joy.  He is the toughest little trooper around and always makes Dave and I so proud.

This month was busy.  We made multiple trips to Cincinnati (including the very day he turned 6 months).  These appointments included continuing to monitor Talon to keep him healthy and our final confirmation to get going on the helmet situation.  Thankfully, were able to move quickly on this since time is of the essence.  We have already visited our newest medical office twice along with getting the official scan for measurements to create Talon's helmet.  We're just waiting on it now. 

We spent a lot of this month with Talon soaking in all things Christmas.  It was different, but it was also extremely magical.  We enjoyed carolers from our local church, all the Christmas books, lots of Christmas movies, the sweetest festive outfits, Christmas lights, matching family jammies and more.  We loved these moments with him and created memories that we will cherish forever.  I didn't want to forget a single detail so I wrote about special parts of Talon's First Christmas HERE.  Also, in case you missed it you can see my favorite Christmas Card of all time HERE.  It gave me all the feels realizing we are now a family of four.

The day after Christmas, we celebrated big sister's sixth birthday.  How did that happen?  Speaking of Hopsen, we'll have to do a little update soon.  I'm not sure how we got so lucky with her, but she has settled into the big sister life beautifully.  We missed out on all of the big family Christmas celebrations, but my parents came the weekend following Christmas to soak in Talon's first with us.  
The weeks following Christmas were mostly spent exploring and playing with all of his new toys.  Oh, and the books!  Talon got stocked up on new books at Christmas which was perfect timing because he is even more interested in them now.  He's always loved books, but now he's into touching the pages and had even picked out noticeable favorites.  We were fortunate that everyone was extremely thoughtful with Christmas gifts.  Seriously, they were all perfect.  That was SO helpful!

Talon has shown signs of teething, although not a single thing has popped through yet.  We're still waiting.  Thankfully, the teething seems to come and go at least for now.  With it, we've discovered a new found love for Sophie the giraffe and an awesome teether I hear Santa had some help from Dad picking out.  What has also come with it you ask... less sleep.  We are very fortunate that Talon has always been a pretty good little sleeper but teething is a whole new ball game, folks!  Like I said, thankfully it comes and goes -- but when it comes it is fast and furious and not for the faint of heart.

This month concluded with a sleepover with Grandaddy and Grandma for an overnight work trip for Dave and I to Lexington and me making another run at the whole single parent gig that weekend while Dave continued travel for work.  These times always remind me of two things.  First and foremost, when I say I am so incredibly grateful for Dave it doesn't even touch how thankful I really am.  It is more than just a second set of hands.  We are a team on so many levels and I really miss having my best friend around when he is gone.  Having Talon (plus some of our "extra" that comes along with him) makes that statement even more true.  Secondly, I praise all of the single parents out there.  I don't know how you do it day in and day out without knowing help coming.  You are my hero.

Sometimes I think about our reality more than others.  When I really think about it though, it can get overwhelming pretty quick.  It can be dark and daunting.  It can be sickening and suffocating.  It can feel the farthest thing from what we ever thought growing our family would look like.  The last SIX MONTHS have been a lot.  And, they came following months that also happened to be a lot.

I like to not focus on the weight of it all.  I wake up Talon each day saying, "good morning, angel."  He is an angel.  Talon has taught us more about life and love in these past six months than some people know in a lifetime.  There are those tough times, but I can't focus on them because I'm too busy pinching myself.  Is this our reality?  You bet it is... this beautiful baby boy is the greatest reality we've ever known. 

Happy SIX MONTHS to our sweet boy who fills this giant world with so much wonder.
We've already been half way around the sun together and can't wait for forever with you, Talon!

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