It has been a really great month for Talon which means it has also be a really great month for our little family.  April 13 marked NINE MONTHS of Talon being with us this side of my belly and it's been one of the best months with him yet (even though they've all been the best - because they've all been with him).  This month really has been so enjoyable for all of us.  Such a blessing!

This month we celebrated Talon's first St. Patrick's Day and his first Easter.  Lots of celebrating, lots of snuggles and lots of smiles... it's been a month filled with a lot more of the "good stuff" for us than the not so fun and glamorous.  Both Dad and Mom have been working exclusively from home this month which has given us such precious time to soak in together as a family.  It really has been the best.

We are still working on gaining weight, but we are growing and heading in the right direction.  It's all about the marathon over here and not the sprint.  We're still in 6-9 month/9 month clothing, but have moved on up to size 3 diapers.  It wasn't necessarily the plan, but we ran out of size 2 and had some size 3 at home.

Needless to say, it was probably time anyways.  Growing is always a good thing... but each time we open up a new size of diapers or pack up clothes he's grown out of, a big piece of my heart wishes time would freeze for just a little while longer.  There is such a balance in parenthood of celebrating each milestone and growth while also wanting to hold on to and cherish every second that has already passed.  

Feeding time continues to be a lot of fun (and a much bigger mess).  I shared last month that Dave and I had backed off expectations and followed Talon's cues which was true, but looking back we hadn't necessarily backed off as much as we maybe could (or should) have.  Like I said before, it's complicated and feeding has been one of the more complicated things that we didn't necessarily expect (not that it would have made a difference in being more prepared anyways).  Dave continues to make Talon's food purees and we're letting him experience more and more with table food.  It is definitely a work in progress but we are all working REALLY hard at it, especially Talon.

Talon's only trip to Children's this month was for his infusion which we were all pretty thankful about.  With the pandemic, Dave and I both had some additional anxiety built up for the day but it honestly turned out to be the safest we've ever felt there given Talon's situation.  He was a such a champ and it was the second month in a row that he didn't even cry while getting the IV placed.  Praise the Lord (seriously!) for the vascular access team at Children's.  They are truly incredible! But still...

It was the first infusion Talon didn't sleep through the majority of which made it more difficult for him.  We knew the older he got, the harder they would get for him to sit through.  Even with needing the extra entertainment, Talon amazes us with how well he does with all of it.  He is always told he's the best, favorite, easiest patient of the day (along with sweetest, cutest, etc.).  The point is, what he's going through isn't the best or easy or our favorite - but he handles all of it beautifully and overcomes these visits with such grace... at NINE MONTHS.  It's honestly hard to describe.

We took full advantage of celebrating both St. Patrick's Day and Easter - two holidays that have us really looking forward to all things spring this year.  Talon enjoyed a couple new books for each occasion and added touches of holiday decor to the shelves in his room.  With how much he enjoys books, it has been so fun to gather and share new books with him around each new holiday and season. 

Along with some new books, the Easter Bunny stocked Talon up on all kinds of goodies from new educational toys to a few things for summer including matching swim trunks with Dad.  He also got some Easter treats from our sweet friends, cousins and grandparents.  What special treats for our little guy.   

Talon has always loved his activity center, but he has really been enjoying his walker lately too.  His favorite spot is hanging out at the front door watching all of the neighborhood boys play outside.  While in his walker, he's also been known to pick up bags sitting by the front door that had been delivered by his favorite local store - and by his favorite store, I mean my favorite store to buy him things.  With the spring weather sneaking in, we've gotten to soak in tome together in the evenings on the back patio and have been able to add a handful of walks.  

Talon is doing well with routine.  In our time at home together, he has transitioned to exclusively taking naps in his crib which is a small victory.  He's still sleeping somewhat well at night, but has been waking up more consistently during his last feed of the day.  Sleep is going mostly well - whether it be during nap time or at night.  Thankfully, he's always made that part pretty easy on us.

Talon is growing and learning new things every day.  This month has been so fun to watch the difference between the weeks and even days.  He is soooooo close to sitting by himself for longer than a few seconds - even with the weight of the helmet.  Which also continues to go well.  It will be gone before we know it.  He is liking being on his tummy much more and has discovered a little side to side roll to inch himself further in the direction of what ever toy he wants.

NINE MONTHS has hit me a little harder than most others.  It marks three quarters of his first full year.  It marks the amount of time I carried him with me constantly.  It marks a month of milestones and a lot more independence.  Talon said "dada" and "mom ma" this month.  Two words we will cherish coming out of his sweet little lips for the rest of our lives.  Dada came first by weeks, which was totally fine with me.  Especially when everyone felt bad and really started saying "mom ma" to him and now that's all he wants to say.  Music to my ears buddy, the most precious kind I've ever heard.  As much as I am loving and enjoying the growth and development, I am also realizing that my little baby is becoming a little boy before my very eyes.  Be still my heart... babies don't keep.

This month has brought a strange amount of peace with it.  We have been at home non-stop.  We have been working from home.  We've had no visitors, no nanny, no grandparents.  Although there have been some long days and times that we feel like we're running in circles being there for Talon, taking care of things for work all while trying not to forget we need to take time here and there for ourselves as well.  This month we have truly enjoyed this special time together.  We've soaked in the seconds and have not taken the idea of being home together - especially this period of time in Talon's life - for granted.  It has been such a blessing that we know we'll look back on for years to come.  In addition to all the goodness filling our home this month, we are realizing that more than ever people on the "outside" are washing hands, cleaning extra and doing their part to keep themselves and everyone else healthy.  Those are all great things for us.

Happy NINE MONTHS to the brightest ray of sunshine we've ever known.  Talon, it is such an honor to be your parents.  You teach us more and more about life each day.  Honestly, you've taught us everything.  You have shown us the things in life that actually matter.  For NINE MONTHS momma carried you dreaming about the sweet baby boy you would be today.  We'll spend forever loving you and soaking in this great adventure of life together.  You are truly the best, Talon!  We love you so much!

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