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June 13, 2020 marks ELEVEN MONTHS of Talon!

Gosh, this past month has been especially magical.  ELEVEN MONTHS.  Seriously!?  How is that even possible?  The craziest part of Talon hitting ELEVEN MONTHS is knowing that TWELVE MONTHS - meaning one whole year - is right around the corner.  I just don't know that my heart can take it.  

ELEVEN MONTHS.  Whew!  I need to gather myself over here knowing we're almost to the year mark.  One year.  My goodness!  This month has been so great.  Honestly, it has been filled with so much of what we have longed for since knowing we were expecting.  This month has been filled with the sweetest moments with our boy.  Each day we are reminded more and more what a blessing it is to be his parents.


May 13, 2020 marks TEN MONTHS for our sweet angel baby! 

TEN MONTHS.  My goodness!  It feels like such a milestone.  For starters, TEN MONTHS makes it official that Talon has been growing from the outside longer than the inside.  A part of that is really exciting (and amazing) and another part is a tiny bit sad.  It is hard to believe he's been ours for TEN MONTHS already.  That he's been here.  That he's been with us, not just part of us.  It's been a heck of a month for Talon.  It's been a heck of a month for our family.  And we're just gonna go ahead and throw it out there as probably altogether our favorite month we've ever had.  It sure was a big one, but in the best kind of way.

This month has been full of a handful of such bright moments for our family.  Additionally, we also celebrated Mother's Day and carried on with a few Derby traditions even though the race won't run until September.  Both Mom and Dad have continued working from home to ensure everyone stays healthy and the weather lately has all of us enjoying our daily walks around the block.


It has been a really great month for Talon which means it has also be a really great month for our little family.  April 13 marked NINE MONTHS of Talon being with us this side of my belly and it's been one of the best months with him yet (even though they've all been the best - because they've all been with him).  This month really has been so enjoyable for all of us.  Such a blessing!

This month we celebrated Talon's first St. Patrick's Day and his first Easter.  Lots of celebrating, lots of snuggles and lots of smiles... it's been a month filled with a lot more of the "good stuff" for us than the not so fun and glamorous.  Both Dad and Mom have been working exclusively from home this month which has given us such precious time to soak in together as a family.  It really has been the best.


March 13, 2020 marks EIGHT MONTHS for our sweet boy!

Rocky vs. wonderful has seemed to be the theme the past few months, but honestly the past month has blessed us in a LOT of ways!  March 13 also happens to be Friday the 13 and while there is pure craziness happening in the world right now, somehow we have been focused on our own little reality and it truly has been wonderful.  It has been incredible to witness the changes over the past month.  We know that anything could change for us at a given moment, but for now we are rocking and rolling and let me tell ya... we are here for every second of it!



February 13, 2020 marks SEVEN MONTHS for our sweet boy!

Two months ago I said, "to be completely honest, this month has been a mix of a little rocky and a lot of wonderful."  The truth is when I said that before I could not have imagined the next curve ball to be thrown our way.  Since we tell it like it is around here... this month has pretty much been the same except we've found greater depths to both the lows and the peaks.  Day in and day out it seems like we're on a roller coaster.  Sometimes there are beautiful, exciting highs and other times we hit quite lows (both expected and unexpected).  But at the end of each of those days, regardless of what we have faced, we have Talon and he continues to bring the purest joy we've ever known into our lives.


January 13, 2020 marks SIX MONTHS for our sweet boy!

Six months of YOU, our sweet boy.  Six months of an incredible love like we've never known.  Six months of caring for you unlike we've cared for anything before (yes, even Hopsen).  Six months of knowing you need us.  Six months of a constant worry that leaves lumps in our throats, aches in our stomachs and tears in our eyes.  Six months of celebration for your life and everyday we've been given these last six months, but also for every little milestone you've hit along the way.  SIX MONTHS.