This was one of those trips that we felt like we were constantly eating which we're totally okay with. It is vacation after all right?!  If you're into art, food and having adult beverages along with way, you must make a trip down to NOLA. 

Every where you look in New Orleans, your eye will catch a piece of artwork which we loved.  Below are a couple of restaurants we'd recommend plus a few other tips.

800 Decatur Street
New Orleans, LA  70116
(504) 581-2914

This place is known for its world famous beignets (French donuts) which are these delicious, deep fried balls of goodness coated in powdered sugar.  This place fills up quick in the morning, as it's definitely a touristy stop for breakfast in New Orleans. It might be touristy, but we will certainly be back the next time we are in NOLA. They are so, so good. Pair them with a cup o' joe or a cup of milk (for the kids or if you have a husband that has to have milk with sweet things) and you'll be licking powdered sugar off your fingers the rest of the day. 

Acme Oyster House is a hole in the wall carrying some of the best raw oysters Louisiana has to offer.  You're going to want to get there early if you don't want to stand in line... seriously.
724 Iberville Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-5973

We spent our evening which was also our first wedding anniversary at Galatoire's.  While we waited for our table, we grabbed a couple of New Orleans Sazeracs which is a bourbon heavy cocktail.  It's a pricey place but it is perfect for a special occasion. There were so many people there celebrating different things and you could tell their staff works hard to make each and every celebration special.

209 Bourbon Street   
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 525-2021

Look who we spotted while eating at Galatorie's for our little celebration.
Yes, that is Kanye West.  No, we did not ask to take a photo with him (because we didn't want to interrupt his dinner).  However, Jess did insist on at least talking to him.  Mostly because she wanted to see if he would actually be nice.

The French Quarter is very walkable.  We recommend staying right in the middle of it all (just like we did).  We've been told that there is a ton to do (and see) in New Orleans, like the squares and parks which spread beyond downtown and the famous Bourbon Street.

We were in town for a quick weekend, so we didn't have time to explore outside of downtown.  Apparently another best kept secret in New Orleans is that they have fabulous Bed and Breakfasts... we've put that one on the list for our next trip.  Downtown hotels that we suggest are the Sheraton New Orleans (it has a great bar) and DoubleTree by Hilton (shout out for the early check-in).

Anyone who is familiar with New Orleans will tell you that you must go to Pat O' Brien's Bar and order a Hurricane.  Their motto since 1933 has been to "have fun" and let us tell you... everyone there seems to be having it.

We can't exactly recall the taste of the drink - but, we're sure that we checked it off our NOLA list.  Did we already mention that this is an eating and adult beverage drinking city?

Whether you have just a day and a half like we did, or you are able to stretch this one out - check NOLA out. With such a short time there, we made the most of it and hope that with our recommendations you can too!
 There's a great casino and incredible shopping outlet in walking distance of the French Quarter.

There's a lot of hustlers in the area that will try to sell you anything and everything.  From a show shine, to a "friend" for the night.  Or maybe they'll just want to shine your shoes...

New Orleans isn't the most family friendly destination (especially at night on Bourbon Street).  Beware of booking a family vacation here with your little ones.  You never know what they might end up seeing.