Folks, Dave has a new favorite spot in Florida.  After visiting Epcot for the first time together as adults, we've declared that now we must always plan to spend at least two days at Disney.

If you missed our visit to other parks, you can see them here:

One at Magic Kingdom and one at Epcot.  When planning our vacation, Dave was really looking forward to this day and Epcot did not disappoint!  

Epcot is awesome.  We visited in the spring during the International Flower & Garden Festival.  Wow!  Everything at Disney is beautiful and always looks so perfect... and this was even better.  

We didn't plan to go because of the festival, it just so happened to be going on while we were there which was a huge bonus.  There was plenty of time to stop and snap photos with all of the creative designs.  Epcot hosts that in addition to an International Food & Wine Festival each year.  

The Flower & Garden Festival is in the spring and the Food & Wine Festival is in the fall.  We are seriously considering a trip to Epcot in the fall sometime just to experience the Food & Wine Festival because we honestly can't imagine how Epcot gets any better, but we really want to find out.

Magical Kingdom might be the most magical park for littles (and Jess), but Epcot is certainly the most magical for adults.  If you are foodies like us, then it doesn't get much better.

We loved, loved, loved Epcot!  Oh and besides all of the food, drinks and unique experiences, Epcot also has a list of its own amazing rides.  

Epcot is all about the food, but we did not plan any specific meals while at the park.  Since it was our first time visiting (since we were old enough to actually remember), we didn't want our day filled with dinning reservations.  We really ended up enjoying not having specific times or places to eat.

It allowed us to take our time and try something from just about every place we came across.  With that being said, if when we go again in the future we might be more willing to make a dinner reservation and take more time for a nicer meal.  We'll see!

The best part about Epcot (besides the food, drinks and culture) is that it has a much more relaxed Disney feel.  We aren't sure if it's because Epcot is more of a destination for adults, or if it's because there aren't as many rides or if it's because it isn't the staple Disney park.

We don't really care why, but we're thankful for it.  Everything about Epcot seems to be much less stressed.  You aren't running around to catch every ride, you don't have to push through a constant crowd and you can easily find a spot to see IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

The best advice we got when we were planning this vacation was to take our time at Epcot.  If you're used to the hustle and bustle of all things Disney, then like us you'd find this statement a little strange.  It's hard to explain the difference until you've gone, but now that we have, we would give the same advice.  Take your time at Epcot!  There is plenty of time to see, ride (and eat) everything.

At Disney, you're typically running around trying to make your next fast pass or squeeze in one more thing.  Epcot was so different, which we happily welcomed.  We actually had time to take our time at Disney.  If you can't believe it, then plan a trip to Epcot.

Epcot is like other Disney parks in fast pass world.  You are able to reserve three fast passes for the park (30 days in advance, 60 if staying on Disney property).  If you don't plan to stay on property, then you can go ahead and kiss away your chances of securing a fast pass for the newest obsession, Frozen Ever After.

You still have to ride it, but you've got to be strategic with wait times that can casually climb to a whopping 90 minutes.  We kept that in mind and made it our first ride.

Once the park officially opened, we (along with many others) quickly walked jogged our way to the left of the lagoon through the World Showcase to Norway.  It's a decent distance and we may have been a little out of breath, but we were dedicated to securing a good spot in line.  We even surprised ourselves when we made it to Frozen FIRST.  Yep, first!

We couldn't have planned better execution, and we couldn't have done it pushing a stroller (or if we had any serious competition).  With Frozen Ever After checked off, we were ready to take our time and relax the rest of our day at Epcot.

Other fast passes that we would recommend trying to get at Epcot are: 
Soarin', Spaceship Earth, Test Track and Mission Space

Remember, once you use all three of your reserved passes you are eligible for a new one.  We kept that in mind and scooped up a fast pass for the Character Experience.  This was a great alternative to the endless lines at Magic Kingdom for a meet-and-greet.  We got some quality time with a few of our favorites - Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. 

Epcot really is all about the food and drinks, and we were easily obliged.  We started at one side of the World Showcase and worked our way to the other.

Honestly, we did it a couple of times throughout the day.  Besides the food and drinks, we thought that the best thing about Epcot was just having a time to enjoy them.  Can you tell, we are still surprised that we had time at Disney?

We are sure that different people have their idea of what works best for them at Epcot.  Some have fancy schmancy reservations all day and others probably just stick with what they know.  

We on the other hand, wanted to taste and try everything!  The best way to do this was to opt for small portion sizes, which we usually picked up at the food carts in each country.  We ordered one thing and split it so that we could keep trying things all day without ever getting full.  

Once you begin eating, you begin to appreciate how stretched out Epcot is.  It's pretty easy to walk things off and get hungry again.  We did the same thing for drinks.  We ordered the smallest size and shared everything.  It was by far the best way to try everything that we wanted.  It was also probably the most economical way to eat and drink your way through Epcot, and that didn't hurt either.

Here's a look at each country including what we ate and drank...






We didn't eat in America, but check out that Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.
Heyyyyyy, Lexington!   




Yes, we are well aware of how much we ate in France.  
A dessert a day is not enough when you're at Disney.

We didn't eat much in United Kingdom or Canada.
We're not sure how we didn't spend more time in the United Kingdom?

There are shows and street performers in different countries throughout the day.  We recommend picking up a map when you enter the park so that you have the most up-to-date show times.  They are unique and make Epcot special so we tried to hit as many as we could.

From the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats to Mariachi Cobre, we had the best time experiencing them all.  The list of special performances goes on and on.  Make sure to check them out, it's part of the Epcot experience.  They really add to the culture while visiting each country.

Besides all of the shows and street performances, Epcot also has lots of stuff that's interactive.  Make sure to check out the Imagination Institute Taste Lab.  Although Epcot might be known as the "Adult Disney," there are still several rides and activities that will keep the littles entertained.

When you tell people that you are going to Epcot, they say that you must check out the Club Cool so we did.  Club Cool has lots of Cocoa-Cola products and several fountains for you to try different cokes from around the world.  It's pretty cool, especially if you're into Coke.

Simply put, Epcot is full of all kinds of fun for everyone.  
We are looking forward to heading back again sometime very soon!

Until next time, Epcot!
Get to the park early!  The staff has different times before the park "officially" opens where they'll let you get closer to the entrance.  The park opens a little before schedule quite often.

Run "literally" to Frozen if you don't get a fast pass.

We found the best spot to see Illuminations was right in front of France at the entrance of the Lagoon.

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