A night in Nashville... we've spent plenty of nights in Nashville.  It's an easy place for us to get away for an evening and is a short drive.  Last month, Jess's birthday fell on a Saturday and Dave just so happened to have a little work to do in Nashville that Friday afternoon... so we made a night of it!

Once we got to Nashville, Jess dropped Dave off for work and headed for the Mall at Green Hills.  After a couple of hours (what woman can't kill an hour or two at a mall?), Jessica headed back.

After picking Dave up, we headed to check in to our hotel for the night.  We have a short list of our favorite places to stay in Nashville, but this time we tried somewhere new.

301 Union Street 
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 891-6000

The location was great.  It wasn't far off the beaten path, but also not right on top of Broadway.  
It was early February (and a little chilly), but we easily walked around to most places.

The vibe of the hotel was cool, the room was spacious and there was a bar in the lobby which is never a negative when you're having a little fun night away... right?  We didn't actually have anything from the hotel bar, but it does step up a hotel's game in a downtown city.

After checking in, we headed out to our first stop to take advantage of happy hour!  When we travel, we appreciate experiencing high-end places and sometimes happy hour is the way to do it.  Other times, happy hour is just most convenient timing and it's a bonus that prices are cheaper.

303 Demonbreun Street
Nashville, TN 37201  
(615) 522-0685

This restaurant was awesome and had such a local vibe as we sat at the bar and witnessed the weekly Friday bets taking place between the bartenders and the regulars. 

It sits right across from the Symphony Center which happened to have an event that night, so the Friday bet was plus or minus on fur coats.  We were here for an hour or so and felt like we could have stayed all night.  We had the best experience there and laughed SO much.

We each grabbed a drink and then had to try the roasted cauliflower off the happy hour menu since that it what they are known for.  Truffled pea pesto, salted almonds, feta crema, red bell essence... say no more!  Folks, Dave Kirk actually enjoyed eating cauliflower and would have asked for seconds if he could.  It was seriously so good and they actually have the recipe hung on the wall.

Next up, we headed for the Diner which was just across the street from where we were.  We made the decision with a late dinner reservation that we would continue to pop in places to grab a drink and head on to the next.  We wanted to make the most of our night, and this is the way to do it!  Although it is open 24 hours, The Diner in Nashville is not your average diner. 

200 3rd Avenue S
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 782-7150

It is a 6 story building and each floor offers a different dining experience.  They literally have it all.  From the first floor coffee shop to freshly shucked oysters on the sixth floor - there's a floor for everything!  We landed on floor 2... because hello, another happy hour (and this time with a view)!

These first two stops were great.  The service was phenomenal, which can totally make or break your experience.  The cauliflower was so stinkin' tasty and the drinks had been delightful. 

Our two servers had noticed that it was almost Jess's birthday and had wished her a happy birthday without any kind of prompting which added a personal touch to the phenomenal service.  

204 3rd Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 922-4015

Next, we walked around the corner to City Tap House where we tried a pretty average pretzel and didn't have the best service.  We were rather disappointed and got out of there pretty quick.

After that, we were feeling in need of better southern hospitality so we headed to Broadway.  We had heard tons about Acme, but never actually been there ourselves so it was our first stop.

Acme is such a neat place and has an awesome vibe.
Truly, something for everyone and a place where locals and guests feel at home.

101 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37201  
(615) 915-0888 

We headed to the second floor which is their bar and lounge.  It's a great space where people can socialize comfortably so we found a spot and settled in for awhile.  After such crummy service before, this place made up for it big time and might even be a new Nashville favorite.

Next up, we enjoyed some live music.  We know checking out music on Broadway can seem like a really "touristy" thing to do, but we felt like we should stop in somewhere since we were right there and still had some time to kill before dinner.  

Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row
400 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203 
(629) 203-7822 

Our first stop was Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row.  This is a newer bar and restaurant right on Broadway.  The music that night was really good, then again all live music in Nashville usually is.

The Stage is one of our all time favorites so we stopped in there for a bit, too.

412 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203 
(615) 726-0504

The amazing thing about Nashville is that you can stop in anywhere on just about every night of the week and enjoy really good music.  Being there on a weekend pushes up the ante even more.  You  cannot go wrong with the music scene in Nashville, which is something that makes it so special.

At this point, we were finally ready to head towards dinner.  After researching several restaurants and reviewing #allthemenus, we were on our way to Kayne Prime Steakhouse.  When making the reservation after being asked if we were celebrating anything, Dave shared that indeed we were.

From the moment we were seated, we were already feeling a little underwhelmed by the experience.  However, we did not let that get us down and were still looking forward to such a great dinner.  First, they shared the special menu for the night and we both made drink selections.  

Our server came back to inform us that they had run out, but could provide a whole bottle.  Now, if you could allow us to purchase the entire bottle, why could you not just open one up and pour us a couple of glasses?  Come on, not even in the presence of the birthday girl for heaven's sake? 

 No other drink suggestions, comparisons or additional offerings from the main menu were made.  So, that was that.  Come on' man! 

We ordered the popcorn buttered lobster appetizer because it was clearly #loveatfirstsight when we initially checked out the menu during our research.  Seriously, we were so looking forward to it!

 Womp. Womp.  Can someone tell us where the lobster is?

To add to our irritation, there was a full table of men enjoying a birthday dinner behind us that were receiving all kinds of special attention.  Yes, their table was larger so you knew their tabs were going to be larger, but that was no excuse not to provide us with just as great of service.  

Time and time again, someone came out with a special dessert to wish someone a happy birthday... and there we sat, not even able to purchase the two glasses of wine that we wanted. 

Since we had been eating our way through Nashville, we decided to share the progression of NY strip which was 3oz of each: U.S.D.A. Prime, American Wagyu, Australian Wagyu.  We added a trio of from their signature chapeaux which included truffle béarnaise, creamy horseradish and bone marrow butter.  For sides, we had risotto tater tots (major let down) and creamed spinach.

1103 McGavock Street 
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 259-0050

As this is a top rated steak house in Nashville, we believe we are in the minority and this was simply an outlying negative experience.  We know people that absolutely love this place, we did not.  It just plain sucks when you've built up excitement, paid a hefty price for your meal and did not enjoy it.

  We were disappointed to say the least and will pretty confidently say that we'll never be back.  That said, we still wish anyone else a really good experience and will totally vouch for the delicious progression of NY strip and signature chapeaux.  The steak was literally our saving grace that night.

Since we had such a late dinner, we were ready to head back to the hotel once we finished.  We had a big day with brunch to look forward to, not to mention it would officially be Jess's birthday.

The next morning, we were excited to enjoy some more time in Nashville before heading home later that day.  We woke up slowly and were thrilled to not have to make the bed behind us.  For the record, you should always let someone else make the bed on your birthday.  Always!

We enjoyed some coffee in the room while Jess caught up on sweet birthday messages and enjoyed a little quiet time to herself before kicking off the day.  

We got ready and checked out of the hotel to head to brunch.  We were planning to eat at Biscuit Love in The Gulch, but once we drove past and saw the very large line wrapped around outside, we decided we better come up with plan B.

So, we went to see if the line at Biscuit Love in Hillsboro Villiage (the original location) was any better.  The line was still outside and there were probably like 25 or so people ahead of us, but this is just kind of how Biscuit Love works.  Plus, we were willing to wait awhile. 

2001 Belcourt Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 610-3336 

 Once you get inside, you place your order and then grab a number and find a seat.

Jess ordered The Princess (how fitting!) and and Dave got the S.E.C. (also very fitting!).  You look at the menu while waiting in line outside so you're ready to order once you make it in. 

 The chance of us being back is probably pretty high.

We decided after brunch to walk around a bit and check out the Hillsboro Village area.  We walked into A Village of Flowers and Jessica instantly fell in love.  This place is such a treasure!  Dave was insistent that the Birthday Girl needed to pick up a few little goodies to take back home with her.   

1712 21st Avenue S 
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 369-3030

After smelling every single candle in the entire place, Jess settled on Black Salt & Birch of Paddywax.  You guys, we could have taken home a dozen different candles with us because they were all so good.  When we're in Nashville again and have some extra time, we are going to check out The Candle Bar where you can custom pour your own Paddywax candles... and, it's BYOB.

They had all kinds of pots and plants and the cutest little succulents.  Jess picked one, along with the perfect little pot to come home with us.  You pick what you want and they offer to pot it right there for you - how perfect!  It was a sweet, unique experience in itself.  #itreallyisthelittlethings

Look at this little guy - he's doing quite well in his new home!

As we walked along the street, this sign stopped us.  There aren't many things more perfect for Jess than Ice Cream for Breakfast, especially on her BIRTHDAY!  Technically, we had already enjoyed breakfast, but we decided to make a pit stop anyways.  We all scream for ice cream!

1819 21st Avenue S 
Nashville, TN 37212 
(615) 292-8636

After an embarrassing amount of taste testing, we settled on a flight of gooey butter cake, darkest chocolate and salty caramel with a side of waffle cone.  As we worked hard to make our selection, they overheard Dave say, "get whatever you want - it's your birthday!" 

And just like that, our whole little tray of absolute goodness was FREE because it was Jess's birthday.  Seriously, everyone who worked there were all so kind and the ice cream was oh so good!

 Once our treat from Jeni's was gone, we headed to the car to drive home.  We were hosting some friends that evening for a wine and cheese party to celebrate Jess's birthday.  

A low-key wine and cheese night at home with all her pals was the celebration Jess requested.  It was absolutely perfect.

When we arrived back in Owensboro, we picked up Hopsen to join us for the evening along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that had been delivered to Jessica that morning.   Accompanying the flowers was the sweetest note sharing the most precious secret.  

Here's a fun fact... on her past two birthdays, Jess has found out one of her closest friends is expecting!  Who's it going to be next year? #imjustsayin  
Seriously, there is not a better birthday gift and they have made each year so special!

We wrapped up the day with a dishwasher full of wine glasses and were tucked in by midnight.  It was such a wonderful birthday.  To be completely honest, Jess had been dreading twenty-eight.

After a week of celebrating #28, Jess could not feel more loved, valued and blessed.  For so many reasons, this was a birthday that she will cherish for years to come.  Thank You to everyone who made it so special could never be enough.  #shelovesherpeople  

Now, she's counting down to thirty and working on checking things off her two year bucket list... along with continuing to wonder how in the world she got so lucky to have such an amazing husband, friends and family (including the sweetest little nieces).

 This birthday reminded us more than ever to make every effort to 
celebrate life with your people, no matter the year or your age

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