Day four on our Five Moon in Maui just so happens to be our favorite because it was our Five Year Anniversary!  This day is what who whole trip was about.  Happy October 5th... the best day, ever!

Before we get to day four...

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Now, back to our favorite.  We slept in a little later on this day due to our exhaustion from the non-stop day before (hello, Road to Hana and Haleakalā), which was still pretty early (especially on vacation).  We headed to the breakfast buffet to fill up before hitting the beach.

On this day we reserved one of the two ocean hale cabanas at the resort.  If you're staying somewhere that offers limited cabanas and you'd like one on a specific day like we did, we would highly encourage you to make those reservations as early as the resort allows for your stay.

Cabana Number One was our home base for the day and we soaked in every single second.  We took a few breaks to dip our toes in the sand, but for the most part we enjoyed the comfort of the cabana.  The whole day was perfection.  Cabana life was such a treat for us as it's definitely not our norm!

We had all the fresh pineapple we wanted and ordered lunch and drinks throughout the day.  I'm telling you, we soaked it in and seriously did not leave this spot unless it was absolutely necessary.

We only had three things on our agenda for the day.  The first, enjoying the cabana was checked off the list.  Next we got ready for number two... a photo shoot on our actual anniversary which you can read all of the sweet details about HERE.  Third was dinner at Lahaina Grill.

Lahaina Grill is a contemporary bistro in the town of Lahaina.  The restaurant was beautiful.  This was an anticipated dinner for us as it is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Maui.  We enjoyed french onion soup, center cut filets and their infamous triple berry pie on the house for our anniversary.

Dinner was great, but it wasn't spectacular and didn't go down as our favorite of the trip even though the night it fell on was our favorite.  When we made it back to our room at the resort we were greeted with beautiful rose petals all over the room.  It was such a sweet surprise! 

October 5th is our favorite.  It is more special than I can explain and there aren't quite words to do it justice.  We couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect day to celebrate our Five Year Anniversary.

If you haven't yet, make sure to check out the exceptional photos from our Anniversary Shoot.  It was such a fun experience and we'd highly recommend Tyson, our awesome photographer if you're looking for one in the Maui area. 

And, if you missed the other posts from our Five Moon in Maui you can see them here:

We still had a couple of days to soak in, but this trip was going by too fast for us!  Other than the thought of getting home to our sweet girl Hopsen, we had no desire to leave this beautiful place. 

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