Even if you don't know much about Kentucky, you've probably at least heard about the Kentucky Derby (otherwise known as the greatest two minutes in sports).  The Oaks, held each year on the day before the Kentucky Derby is a race for 3-year old fillies and is attended by tons of locals year after year.  Whether you're taking a vacation day or a personal day, it's a popular Friday to be at the track for us Kentuckians.  It's a full on weekend of pure fun across the state, but especially in Louisville where the races are held at Churchill Downs.  They even have special festivities for weeks leading up to the big race.

There are special things associated with both days of racing.  Instead of the signature red roses for the Derby, the signature flower for the Oaks are lilies... for the fillies.  Festive, right?!  "Lily" is also the signature drink of the day similar to the famous mint julep drink on Derby day and also happens to be really good! 

The Kentucky Derby is a really special day for Dave and I as we are both from Kentucky, have a love horses and bought our very first house on Derby day.  It wasn't planned that way on purpose, but just so happened to be the perfect timing.  With it being such a meaningful day to us, we decided to host an annual Derby party at our house and the tradition has been going strong for the past four years. 

As much as we love the Derby, we've actually never been.  Take that back, I have never been.  Dave has been twice, but both times were in college and he watched from the infield... meaning he actually never saw a single horse.  HA!  Let's just say our recent Oaks experience was a little different... thank goodness!

Attending the Derby together in style is on our bucket list and we know we'll make it there one day (it's a big investment, friends!), but for now we really love celebrating afar in our sweet little house surrounded by the best of friends.  It also helps that we have the opportunity to get our fix of horse racing in by visiting Keeneland in Lexington (my hometown) as often as we can during the spring and fall meets. 

A week ago, we had the opportunity to attend the Kentucky Oaks the day before Derby and had such an unbelievable time together.  Although it was a little rainy driving to Louisville that morning, the weather cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  The entire day could not have been more perfect!

After winning our first bet of the day I think we lost almost every bet after that, but we had fun!  And look how handsome this guy is with his winning ticket of the winning horse after catching our first race! 

Since we're only an hour an a half or so drive from Louisville and we had a Derby party to host the next day, we headed back home after the big race that evening.  Not to mention, hotel prices are literally insane in Louisville that weekend... and ain't nobody got time for that!  We seriously had the best day at the Oaks and can't wait to get back to Churchill Downs.  Derby weekend 2020 will be here before we know it!

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