August 13, 2019 marks ONE MONTH for our sweet boy!

How in the world is he already one month old?  On one hand, it feels like we've had him forever and on the other it seems like we just got home yesterday to begin settling in.  This first month has been a whirlwind to say the least.  Although there are moments we'd like to never live again, there are also a handful of times we already find ourselves wishing that time would stop (or at least slow down).

Talon is rocking newborn size clothing and newborn size diapers.  We have been loving a long list of things in his first month, but our very favorite was coming home!  Talon spent 18 days of his first month paying rent to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, the remainder 14 days were spent settling in at home.  We charge him a lot less and believe the stay is much more enjoyable! :)

A lot could be said about Talon's first month living on this side of my belly.  We already know more about him than we could have ever dreamed and he himself has taught us so much.  Really, he's been teaching the two of us a lot about life for the past several months.  There are numerous words we could use to describe him after getting to hang out together this past month and we could literally spend hours if we tried to "sum" him up... and then conclude that you can't.  The reality is, if we had to pick just one it would be easy.  Talon is the most laid back, mild mannered, genuinely happy baby. 

Talon is loving listening to us read books and following the illustrations with his eyes.  His favorite item(s) without a doubt would be his wubbanubs, he doesn't discriminate among the bunch and loves them each the same.  He is adjusting to all things cozy at home and enjoys snuggling in with us (and his big sister Hopsen) on the couch.  We would say in the mornings he is especially so sweet, but then we quickly change our minds to add that he is simply sweet all day long.  

He has already graced mom and dad with a handful of instances where he has slept full nights and we often joke that it's terrible when we complain about him only sleeping a consistent 5 hours at night.  We're buying stock in all mitten cuff onesies... not really, but they have been a life saver.  Talon loves using his arms and hands and we often catch him using them to cover his face just like he did in almost every ultrasound... and we had a lot.  

Talon keeps us laughing, continues to surprise us and is by far the greatest thing we've ever loved.  We could not be more blessed to be his parents!  Although we're thrilled to see him making all kinds of progress packing on the pounds (or ounces), get excited about all of the precious outfits in upcoming sizes we've been gifted and felt so proud after the first nap in his crib - we're still not quite ready for our sweet little baby to grow up.  

We could go on and on sharing about our sweet ONE MONTH old, but instead we're going to go soak in every single second we can with him.  They say the days are long, but the years are short.  Right now, the days with him don't even seem to be long.  He is just the best and we could not love him even a little bit more if we tried.  

Happy ONE MONTH to our little rock star.  We can't wait to spend forever with you, buddy!

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