I have always heard that being a kid at Christmas was the best.  I totally thought so too, but gosh I was wrong.  I was so very wrong.  Now that we've celebrated our first Christmas with Talon, I can assure you that it's being a parent at Christmas -- that really is the best.

I (and thankfully Dave, too) have always loved everything about Christmas and find pure magic in the most simple celebrations associated with the season.  We are definitely Christmas people!  That's totally a thing... right?  So, as you can imagine, having the opportunity to share it all with Talon this year was simply magical.  Scratch that.  It was completely magical.  Every single second.

There are moments of Talon's first Christmas I don't ever want to forget...

Like him feeding at 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve and then being put down for bed sound asleep anticipating Santa's visit.  Mom and Dad were thinking we could fix a cocktail, watch Christmas Vacation for the umpteenth time while finishing helping the big guy put a few final touches on things.  The second we were settled we heard Talon and spent the next several minutes getting him back to sleep.  At the time we figured it was game over for our plans, but it all worked out perfectly.

And intentionally keeping him from looking in the direction of the Christmas tree while we waited on Dave to wake up.  By then, Talon was back to sleep after his morning nap and didn't start stirring until close to 11 o'clock.  We had enjoyed crafted coffee drinks (I'm the in-house barista) and waited very patiently for our little man to wake up so we could begin the morning festivities.  We laughed about the future and the next time we'd sitting on the couch enjoying coffee at 10 a.m. on Christmas morning (and that it would probably be our second round, at least) AFTER the festivities were wrapped up.

I held Talon while he napped Christmas morning.  I stared at him, smelled him and did all the creepy things parents to to try and bottle up every single second in a moment of time to store deep within you and cherish forever.  Tears streamed from my face as I felt so incredibly joyful that we were getting ready to embark on Talon's first Christmas and our first Christmas as (human) parents.  It's hard to describe exactly all the emotions I was feeling in those moments and if I'm being honest was a little too much.  I was overwhelmed with a list of crazy emotions, joy being at the very top and the only thing I could really muster up were tears... the good kind, though. 

The moment Dave carried Talon down the stairs to peak at the crumbs Santa left from his cookie while dropping off some gifts.  Dave and I have always gone up the stairs (after making coffee, of course) to check out the loot Santa leaves each Christmas morning.  This probably sounds silly for two grown adults (I warned you -- we are Christmas people), but it is a little detail that makes our morning special.  I think part of it was that Dave had always wished for stairs growing up and that I had always lined up in order with my siblings and mostly... well, mostly because I think that deep down we both dreamed of doing the exact same thing with our own kids some day.  That vision came true this year, and it could not have been more beautiful.

Dave fixed beef wellington for Christmas dinner.  He wanted to make dinner special since the three of us were spending the day at home together and beef wellington sounded like the perfect meal.  The plan was to have zero expectations for the evening... it was Dave's first time fixing a beef wellington and well, you just never know how things are going to go with a baby.  We showered after a day in pajamas and got dressed up to eat at our decorated table.  We needed a good excuse for Talon to wear a precious Christmas outfit he hadn't worn yet and we didn't want him to feel over dressed.  For the record, dinner was perfect (although Dave would argue slight changes to be made next time).  He is seriously SO good in the kitchen and even though I'm extremely grateful for that, it also makes me a tad jealous.

Christmas Eve was spent quite a bit differently for us this year, but we totally made the most of it.  Usually we treat this day like Christmas day at my parents, but since we have to stay away from people and germs we settled for FaceTime instead.  It's all we could do, but it meant the world to us for them to have it all set up (on a big screen TV) and even our precious nieces really paid attention to us and included Talon in their morning.  We spent the rest of the day sharing traditions with Talon like fixing sugar cookies for Santa using Nona's recipe and reading the Night Before Christmas before bedtime.

Never in a million years would I have thought our first Christmas together would have looked like this.  But, please know my heart when I say that because it was also more magical than we could have ever dreamed.  We know the next few years Christmas will be extra fun as Talon grows and cannot wait for all of life's celebrations with him ahead.  Life is simply sweeter with Talon.  We are forever grateful. 

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