December 13, 2019 marks FIVE MONTHS for our sweet boy!

The past five months have completely changed our lives in such an incredible, yet crazy sort of way.  Five months of both the sweetest and scariest moments... after all, we are new parents over here!  He's only been hanging around this side of my belly for five months, but we feel like Talon has been ours forever and also like we've grown up one hundred years since he arrived.  Hopefully we're just not looking like it... yet!

Talon has packed on the pounds this past month and hasn't looked back.  Holding him is really starting to feel different with how his little body is filling out and how much more control he has.  He is holding his head up like a champ and loves watching everything and everyone.  His increasing weight has helped him jump in percentile and has also given my arms a bit more tone (which I'm not at all complaining about).  As much as I am already realizing the true heartache from feeling like he is losing every bit of baby so quickly, it also makes me so happy to know how well he is growing.

This month he went from being forced into his 3-6 month clothing to completely filling them out.  Literally, in about a week.  Heck, there were days when Dave and I both mentioned that he looked like he grew throughout the day.  Does it happen overnight?  I'd argue yes.  So much for thinking we would be hanging out in size one diapers for awhile... we've already kissed those days goodbye and are very comfortably rocking size two.  I'm over here hoping we stay in them a little longer.  Have I mentioned babies don't keep?

To be completely honest, this month has been a mix of a little rocky and a lot of wonderful.  We were reminded of the holidays we'll miss out on celebrating with family this year.  Thanksgiving came and went and despite moments of not feeling very grateful, it might have been the most thankful we've ever been.  Sure, our lives have completely changed and we spend way more time at the hospital for appointments than we'd like to share but my goodness -- we are so incredibly thankful for the blessing of Talon we have been given and yes, even with some of the hard circumstances that came along with him.

The month brought news we weren't expecting and certainly didn't welcome with open arms.  News that makes our wait for a transplant harder and most likely longer then expected.  In addition to our routine infusions, Talon also had a hearing test, a plastic surgery consult (our future for a helmet is looking bright!) and the first round of a monthly injection to protect against RSV.  All of these things we were expecting.

We were not however expecting our first little virus that took us on a Sunday drive to Children's to visit the ED followed by the sinking words "admitting" and our reality quickly taking us back to the many other nights we had spent there.  Thankfully, we were sent home the following morning with their complete confidence that Talon could successfully fight it from home.  We now know truth to the sentiment there is no place like home for the holidays -- especially when your reality could have quickly been spending it in the hospital instead.  We are constantly reminded along this journey of all the people who have unfortunately called hospital home for far too long.  That is where we find so much thankfulness in our own circumstances.

And the wonderful... because we'd much rather talk about all of that!  Talon is laughing and talking more everyday.  He is becoming such the little morning person and talks your head off on multiple occasions throughout the day.  Oh, the laughter!  He has gotten so interactive and laughs mostly when prompted and sometimes completely randomly.  We've also found a few designated tickle spots.  His laugh is literally the sweetest thing ever... and the little giggle when he really gets going.  Oh my goodness!  Melts my heart.  I am quite confident Heaven sounds like Talon's laugh.  Pure JOY!

We continue to settle in to our new normal and couldn't do it without our incredible village.  We wouldn't even want to try.  The tough moments this month have been eased by so many people loving on us and our sweet boy (from afar, of course).  We are reminded daily of people who are thinking about us, praying for our journey, wishing for good health and sending all the good vibes they can our way.  Let me just say, we will unapologetically take it all and have gotten better (not good) at asking for help when we really need it.

Talon is getting more and more fun.  His cute little expressions are the best and has Dave and I laughing so much.  It's like he already speaks English and gives us settle reminders that he can hear everything we're saying... we are in for it.  His reactions are always the best and we are often caught off guard by how intuitive he is already.  He loves to watch what's going on and appears to be taking in and processing everything.  It's so fun!  We have found ourselves laughing uncontrollably (even at 3 a.m.) listening to him talk.

Talon has gotten more confident with his thumb sucking technique and even maneuvers his little thumbs in the perfect position to get to them through his mitten cuffs.  He's already figuring out a way around things!  He has also learned that if he sticks his thumb in his mouth a little too far when he's doing tummy time and makes a little cough that I quickly come to the rescue and save him.  Smart little fella!

Talon is tolerating tummy time more, but it probably helps that he has now figured out he can roll over when he's ready to call it quits.  We've seen our first unprompted roll overs and sometimes he seems just as surprised as we are.  He is loving his new activity center, interactive books and especially the angel on his toy manager.  These all just so happened to be gifts from family and friends which worked out perfectly for some new entertainment around the house.  We also brought down his high chair and have sat him in it a few times.  Ahhhh!  Please tell me the time slows down at some point.  It makes him look so grown up.

We have enjoyed wearing lots of seasonal outfits around the house like our matching Packers gear that Dave got for us (for the record - not him... just me and Talon) when he was in Madison last month for work.  He did get in on the fun with matching Christmas pajamas, though.  And Hopsen too, of course!  One thing is for sure, we might not be getting out to do any of our typical Christmas traditions but we sure have been soaking in all the moments at home.  Whether it's fixing hot chocolate, watching a specific movie or making sure Talon is in the sweetest little Santa jammies... we're here for it.  We might be at home all nestled in, but we are still celebrating big time and making such special Christmas memories together this year. 

His little personality is shining through that tiny body more and more and this Momma is loving every single second of it.  Gosh, I love this kid.  Talon continues to be extremely laid back and easy going.  He really only gets fussy when he is getting really hungry or fighting falling asleep.  Other than that, he's perfect.  And really even in those fussy moments he is still perfect.  There, I said it - my child is perfect.  No thanks to me, let me be quite clear about that!  But seriously, don't all moms think their babies are perfect?  I'm new at this.

Talon had some pretty sweet firsts this month.  One to note was when Aunt Jenna met us at an appointment so I would have company and got to hold him for the very first time.  My heart was mush.  There are not many things better than having the opportunity to watch your siblings love on your child.  So special!  

Talon could not be more of a trooper if he tried.  Some of our days are pretty hard.  Appointments drag on.  Emotions are rough.  He has been poked and prodded more over the last FIVE MONTHS than Dave and I combined throughout our lifetimes... and we don't even get close.  He has been through SO much.  And I share that part of his journey not for anyone's sympathy (although he absolutely deserves it), but to share his strength.  Talon is THE strongest person I know... and I get to be his mom.  Gosh, how lucky am I?

We have lots of exciting things to look forward to over the next month... like Santa coming!
Happy FIVE MONTHS to our sweet boy who makes our lives happier each day.
We can't wait to spend forever with you, Talon!  You are by far the toughest guy we know.

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