March 13, 2020 marks EIGHT MONTHS for our sweet boy!

Rocky vs. wonderful has seemed to be the theme the past few months, but honestly the past month has blessed us in a LOT of ways!  March 13 also happens to be Friday the 13 and while there is pure craziness happening in the world right now, somehow we have been focused on our own little reality and it truly has been wonderful.  It has been incredible to witness the changes over the past month.  We know that anything could change for us at a given moment, but for now we are rocking and rolling and let me tell ya... we are here for every second of it!

At Talon's last infusion appointment which is also when we meet with his team at Children's each month, we came away with really only one goal for now... putting on some more pounds.  Gosh, doesn't that sounds like a nice problem to have? They were signing to the choir as Talon's weight gain (or lack thereof) had been something both Dave and I were concerned with.  We are thrilled that he seems to be back on track and we are all really enjoying feeding times more.  Talon is comfortably still in his 6-9 month sleepers.  Thank goodness!  Starting to see 12 month appear on things is quite terrifying (and also crazy exciting with our journey at the same time).  There are always weird extreme emotions happening over here.  We are still in size 2 diapers, but I'd say pretty confidently that won't be true for his next monthly update.  We shall see!

Feeding time is more and more fun with Talon lately.  For starters, Dave and I have completely backed off on expectations and followed Talon's cues and we all seem to be a whole lot happier about it.  I know, I know... eight months seems like an awfully long time for us to just be figuring that one out.  All I can say to that is - it's complicated.  Between being first time parents and listing to a team of professionals who we know also wants the very best for him... it's been a pretty hard balance to find our own voices and listen to our own intuitions.  Talon is really loving solids and we are making progress with the feeding situation!  The best part is that Dave makes his food.  Yes, that's right.  And yes, Talon and I are pretty darn lucky to have him! 

Other than Talon's infusion at Children's and a check in with plastic surgery while we were there for his helmet, we've had a pretty quiet month in terms of appointments.  Other than needing to make some progress with feeding and put on some weight - both of which we (or I should say Talon) are doing!  After a quick head measurement at the follow up with plastics, we got to bid them farewell for good and shouldn't have too much longer with the helmet.  Speaking of, we have been elated with the almost instant results we have seen with the helmet.  Props to our little champ for making it so easy on us!

He continues to receive a synagis vaccine once a month to help protect against RSV.  Although this month, the timing of it all was a little tricky with the recent developments of COVID-19.  Crazy!  What are the chances of having a child with NO immune system while there is a pandemic happening?  We don't know either, but it happened.  How did this happen?  We'll save that discussion for another time.  Long story short, our pediatrician's office is amazing when it comes to keeping Talon safe and this month he received the shot in the backseat of our car - full PPE and all.  We'll know later in the month if this was his last one or if the poor guy will have one more in store.  He is not a fan, but we'll take anything that helps protect him.

We took full advantage of celebrating Valentine's Day Month around our house with all the hearts.  February has become very special to us with such an extraordinary little heart to celebrate.  We soaked in these moments together and used it as a great excuse to stock up on all the heart decor.

Talon continues to love books.  He will sit and listen to books forever.  The kid loves a good book and we love how he loves to explore each one.  This month has brought more teething, but no teeth... still.  Poor Talon!  At least he's used it as an excuse to get in a few good naps snuggled with Mom or Dad.  He reaches for whatever he wants and if he can grab it, it's in his mouth with no time to spare.  He is on the move all the time these days and does the cutest little scoot on his back.

The weather hasn't been the best around here and with Talon only really getting out of the house for appointments, we try to sneak in any little walk around the block that we can.  We broke out the older seat for the stroller and took a little cruise.  We keep him pretty shielded throughout walks because Talon is NOT a fan of the sun being in his eyes and he has such fair skin.  When we got him out of the stroller it was so surreal to see him look around at everything.  In that moment, we realized his last walk had probably been back in November.  The wonder in his blue eyes of understanding and connecting was magical and also heartbreaking knowing his experiences outside of our house are so limited.  See, extreme emotions!

Schedules and sleep continue to be rolling pretty smoothly over here.  He is such a good little sleeper.  We've changed our routine around here a tad (it's that Mother's intuition that I'm finally listening to) and it has been such a gift.  Dave and I have our evenings together again once Talon has already gone down for bed and he's not only sleeping more, but sleeping more peacefully.  It's been a win win for all of us around here and the only problem with it is that we didn't do it months ago!

It's hard to believe that EIGHT MONTHS have already come and gone.  There isn't enough money in the world to buy back some of the time I'd like to have with him again.  At the same time we cannot wait until the day we are on the other side of this whirlwind, especially with the recent developments of what we can only imagine our country will be facing.  We do everything we can to keep Talon in his bubble and keep anything else away.  It can be exhausting and it can be overwhelming, but at the end of the day we know that it will all be worth it and we're ready.  We are so ready to get to that other side of all this.

These EIGHT MONTHS with Talon have been a true gift.  We are blessed to get to be part of his journey and can only imagine how he'll use all of this one day.  He's already been through so much, but we know his unbelievable story continues ahead.  Knowing that EIGHT MONTHS with you has already gone by breaks my heart a bit because sweet boy, I want to live forever loving you.  We look forward to spending forever together with you, Talon!

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