We've had some pretty unbelievable adventures together, but we're about to embark on our biggest adventure yet...  We're pregnant.  Let me just say that again... for my own sake, not necessarily for yours.  We're pregnant.  These first couple months were a whirlwind but after my first doctor's appointment, after hearing the sweetest sound of a heart beat I allowed myself to believe that we really are pregnant.  After listening and trying to find it for a few seconds (which seemed like hours), there it was!  Not just a heartbeat... but a healthy, lively heartbeat.

Still cautions?  Of course.  I won't have my first ultrasound for another week, but today I heard all the confirmation that I needed.  I heard the most beautiful sound that put all of my nightmares and worries to rest (for today, anyways!) and finally believed that we are pregnant.

We've been keeping the biggest secret of our lives all to ourselves, but soon we can't wait to begin sharing the news with family and friends.  And now that I'm finally believing we're pregnant, we look forward to documenting this journey together and our greatest adventure yet!

Things got crazy during our pregnancy and I never hit "publish" on this sweet little post (originally written January 2, 2018) as we just weren't sure how to document along the way with everything we had going on.  Please bear with us as we play a little catch up on things.  These are mostly for us to have an easy spot to go back and remember, but hopefully you'll enjoy little updates along the way too.

The best part of being pregnant (especially with your first) is getting to share the exciting news with all of your family and friends.  We didn't want a big production (I'm not about the attention), but still wanted it to be special.  We had been hiding the news for 16 weeks from family and were just ready for them to know and get to share in the excitement.  I'm not sure how we pulled off keeping it to ourselves that long, but it was such a special time for Dave and I to be the only ones who knew.  It was truly a period of our lives that we'll cherish forever.

Big Sister Hopsen was pretty excited about the whole ordeal too.  In fact, she was the first person (yes, we refer to our "dog"hter as a person) to know.  Dave and I began coming home to shredded tissue in our bathroom any time we were both away about two weeks before taking a pregnancy test.  Our girl knew what was up and she seemed to be extremely in tune with the growing baby in my belly the months that followed.  It was the sweetest!

First up, we shared the news with my family when we traveled to Lexington to celebrate my birthday.  With the birthday celebrations, this is when I really realized I would become a mom at 29.

Who best to help share the news than the cutest little nieces?

The following day, we shared the news with Dave's Dad over breakfast.

Later that day, we continued to share the news with lots of family and close friends.

And then finally, we let everyone else in on the exciting news after sharing our favorite Super Bowl commercial ever with friends during the big game the weekend before on Jessica's actual birthday.

 Though our little family is now sitting this side of pregnancy and still have the greatest adventure of our lives ahead, those nine months were quite an adventure in themselves.  Looking back if there is one thing, I would encourage you to really enjoy the season of pregnancy... no matter what it brings. 

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