We never really talked about having maternity photos taken, but I'm so thankful we did.  Dave organized everything with the photographer which meant there was zero planning to do on my part other than to make sure we had semi-coordinated outfits.  We kept things super simple (our go-to style) and enjoyed the sweet moments they brought.  I speak from experience that once your little arrives, things shift so quickly and having these pictures help take you back to those very precious moments together.

Maternity photos can be intimidating.  Who wants to remember (or necessarily display) their body busting at the seams.  Am I right?  Trust me when I say we are the hardest critics on ourselves and although we might feel like we're busting at the seams... we don't actually look like it.  Hear me out on this, Momma!  There is such special beauty in the female body during pregnancy.  You won't regret documenting it.  I promise.  Plus, just because you have them taken doesn't mean you have to display them for the world to see. 

With everything going on during our pregnancy, I was too busy documenting notes from each appointment to take along with us to the next specialist and making running lists of all the questions we needed to ask.  I like to think I did a good job of keeping track of things in this department, but looking back there was so much with the actual pregnancy itself that I didn't so such a great job of documenting.  Maybe it's that I was preoccupied with so much other stuff that seemed way more important at the time or maybe it was that my personality was not really cut out for weekly bump-date photos and updates to share on social media.

Either way, our maternity photos are something we will cherish forever especially since we don't have lots of pictures keeping track of my growing belly along the way.  It's common to hear with each baby you have, the quicker your bump "pops out" each time.  I like to think there is something really special about that baby bump... specifically the first time around.  It's all the firsts that bring so many beautiful real and raw emotions along with them.  Soak it all in and take the photos, Momma!  Even if you only do it for you -- do it.

We had the same photographer take pictures for us along this journey.  From the gender reveal to maternity photos and even bringing Talon home.  When it comes to babies and especially how intimate these stories can be, I'd recommend finding someone you feel comfortable with that you can turn to again and again to capture special milestones for your family to treasure forever.  It is worth the investment every single time!

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