Day Six... our last full day in Maui.  Cue the tears now!  Just kidding... kind of.

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We woke up to perfect weather for the sixth day in a row!  I'm not sure how we got so spoiled during this trip with great weather, but we were so appreciative for it.  First, we headed down to grab breakfast.

Then we went straight to the cabana we had reserved when planning.  On this day we went went with a less expensive option (we splurged on our anniversary), but still felt like it was well worth the money to have it set aside and reserved for us the entire day.  Plus, the view was better than the chairs at the pool AND this was our last full day to soak in that view.  We hung out hard all day long and it was so great!

It was the perfect day to grab a refreshing afternoon snack at Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice.  Luckily, we had one right on property by the pool and had been eyeing and waiting on it all week long.  And let's just say it was a good thing we waited until then, because if we would have tried it on day one... we would have had one every single day.  These things are so good.  Another special Hawaiian treat!

After lounging hard all dang day, we got ourselves up to the room to get ready for dinner on our last night.  This night we had big plans to attend Drums of the Pacific Luau.  

There are only a few resorts in Maui that host a luau onsite and ours happened to be one of them which made this evening super easy and extra enjoyable.

We hung out for awhile waiting on dinner and soaked in the views, knowing it would be our last evening to really take in the sun setting over Maui.

The luau was fun and certainly an experience you should do if you're visiting Maui and haven't been before.  That being said, I'm not sure we'd feel like we had to go to one each time we visited.  We didn't care about being near the front so we reserved general seating and it was perfect for us.

We had reservations at 10 p.m. this night for the Romance Tour of the Stars at the Hyatt (our resort) which was named the world's top hotel for stargazing.  We were excited about this experience, but were notified earlier in the day that there was a possibility it might get cancelled that evening due to cloud coverage.

Sure enough, during the luau they called to cancel and explain how to get refunded.  Although we were bummed to miss out, we couldn't really complain since our weather had been so great all week.  With that, we ended our night and worked to get things all packed up and ready to go the following day so we wouldn't have to waste anytime doing it in the morning.  All in all, it was a great day to wrap up our trip. 

If you missed the other posts from our Five Moon in Maui, you can see them here:

Although we still had time to fit in a few things, day seven was not so exciting as it officially marked the beginning of our journey home.  It had been such a special week and even though we weren't thrilled to be leaving the beauty of Maui and the sweet trip we had been be dreaming of for five years, we found ourselves happy about the thought of getting home to our girl Hop and starting on the next five years.  After all we've got to start planning and saving for our 10th anniversary now, right?