Father's Day is special to celebrate.  I'd say that most of us can agree life simply wouldn't be held together without the presence of our Moms, but Dads are pretty darn important too!  Often times, I think they draw the short end of the stick and don't necessarily get the credit they deserve.

With Dads, we remember nights we got to eat something that normally wouldn't have been on the dinner menu because Mom was out of town.  We remember times we were allowed to stay up just a little later because we talked him into one more game, one more show or one more book.  We think about the first time we got to tag along with him to a college basketball or football game, and that first MLB game when we took our glove just in case a foul ball came our way.  Dads are special!

When I think about memories with my Dad, I think about how much FUN we had together while I was growing up.  Dads genuinely make life a little more fun, which we love them for.  He's also taught me ultimate perseverance, what a hard day of work looks like and the importance of allowing each second of life to soak in.  He's also shown me the significance of strong family roots and how to be the truest friend. 

Dads are so special and Dave and I are blessed to be surrounded by handfuls of awesome fathers.  From grandfathers to brother-in-laws to uncles and close friends... we know some of the very best.

Although we don't have littles of our own yet (which Hopsen would argue is not the case), she and I still like to celebrate Dave on Father's Day... he is a pretty awesome Dog Dad, after all!

Dave is going to be an unbelievable Dad someday, because he's already such an amazing husband.  Dave has so many qualities that will make him a wonderful Dad and I love him even more for that.  He's already been practicing a little with the stroller thing and man does he look good pushing a stroller, if I do say so myself.  And yes, that is our dog in a stroller.  Hop and I sure are lucky girls!

Dave also loves bourbon, so what better way to celebrate him than a Father's Day Brunch at a distillery.  Maker's Mark hosted a special brunch on Father's Day with Rob and Bill Samuels Jr.  

Brunch was prepared by Chef-In-Residence at Star Hill Provisions, Newman Miller.  Star Hill is the restaurant located on the Distillery grounds.  If you're planning a visit to Maker's Mark, check the website to see if you'll be able to catch lunch or dinner.  You won't be disappointed by the food. 

We had the opportunity to hear from both Bill and Rob Samuels (father and son), about their family legacy (Maker's Mark) which was passed down to Rob about 7 and a half years ago. 

Tickets to the brunch also included the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition bottle set.  The bottles contain bourbon from the last three barrels Bill laid down on his final day at the distillery before retiring on March 31, 2011 and the first three bottles Rob filled the very next day on April 1. 

We were greeted with bourbon Arnold Palmers and dined outside on the Distillery grounds.  As bourbon industry lovers, it was absolutely an unforgettable experience.

Maker's Mark limited the number of tickets sold for this event which allowed the guests to have a more intimate experience with the family.  We literally set right beside the family's table.
The food was delicious and full on southern.  The buffet included: beer cheese casserole, spicy smoke chicken chilaquiles, biscuits and gravy, scalloped potatoes, Maker's and Ale 8 (another Kentucky favorite!) braised pork belly, country ham and red onion arugula salad and red fruit salad.

For dessert, we were served candy bar pie with bourbon whipped cream.  Can we get seconds, please?  It was stupid good.  In fact, we almost forgot just how good it was until we saw a photo of the pie.  It was like love at first sight all over again.  We'd almost go back strictly for the pie!

After we were finished with brunch, Rob invited everyone to follow him into the new area at Maker's Mark where Private Selection products are made by various companies and individuals.

The special area was designed to create custom versions of cask strength Maker’s Mark by taking newly matured barrels and finishing them on freshly toasted barrel staves of the customer’s choice. 

It was such a fun experience to get a sneak peak at an area most people never get to step foot in.  It also didn't hurt that someone who practically grew up within the company and is now the President and CEO was showing us around. 

We had the best time at the Father's Day Brunch.  The Samuels family was extremely gracious to all of the guests and were very genuine and open about the history of the brand.  Not only is Maker's Mark a great bourbon that people enjoy all over, but having the opportunity to hear more about the business itself and special details that make the company want it is was special.  

We'd encourage you to check out the Maker's Mark website if you're planning a visit.  They host all kinds of unique events throughout the year.  They continue to expand and add neat touches throughout the Distillery for visitors.  We took our first tour of Maker's Mark before a lot of this, and the difference is crazy.  We look forward to going back one day soon for our Ambassador Barrel and plan to do the entire tour again to see how it's changed with all of the additions to the property. 

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Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/news/business/bourbon-industry/article154461289.html#storylink=cpy

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