When we knew we were going to Maui for our five year anniversary, having photos taken was something important to us.  We figured having them taken the evening of our actual anniversary would have us living in the moment together and it was such a fun experience before dinner.  If you've been to Hawaii (especially Maui), you know the beaches are absolutely picture perfect.  They are certainly our ideal beach with the volcanic rock and stunning views.  We will treasure these photos forever. 

We researched all kinds of photographers... from booking through flytographer to the photographer at our resort to finding a group with unbelievably talented photographers with an even more unbelievable price tag.  Yeah, $750 for 30 minutes isn't quite in our budget... and it never will be! 

We searched and searched (and even talked back and forth) with several photographers based in the Maui area.  After all that, we landed on Better Together Photography and could not have been happier with the experience or our photos.  Tyson was awesome to work with... we wish we could be friends in real life.  

From the beginning he made things fun and allowed us to be in the moment together.  We ended up with not many photos of us even looking at the camera, which was perfect.  He totally captured "us" together.

From a personal standpoint, he touched base with us once we had arrived in Maui to provide us with more details and help prepare for the pictures and was also very accessible through the entire process.  This made such a nice impression especially since we weren't too familiar with the area.  One day when we're back in Maui, we know who we'll be calling!

We will treasure these special photos for ever... and ever!  Thank you Tyson, for making this experience even better than we could have imagined.  If you happened to be on our official Christmas Card List, these might look a little look familiar.  We couldn't have been more excited to share this sweet memory of ours from the year with our friends and family!

And a little back story for those of you that might be newer here... getting in the water was something we simply had to do.  While we were wrapping up, Dave sprung the idea on the photographer (and me - for the record!).  We were both happy to roll with it and recreate a similar (unexpected) memory from our honeymoon.  I mean, what photographer isn't pumped when you toss your haku aside and jump in the ocean fully clothed with no expectations in the world!?

Except this time around Dave planned ahead and wore underwear... and khakis instead of white linen pants ;)  Five years later, and although so much has changed so much really hasn't changed at all.  Jumping in the ocean with you is still just as fun!  Can't wait to see what ocean off what coast we're swimming in fully clothed together next.  You know they'll be a next time... until then!

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